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Product Overview


An Data Driven and Smart Remote Energy Reconnection and Disconnection Solution

The Challenge

Remote disconnection of electricity is one of the most time-consuming and hectic processes for every energy utility company. Apart from tracking the payment status of users for reconnection or disconnection of services, utility companies also need to assign 2 line-staffs to carry out both operations. Considering the quantum of such cases and the duality of its nature, the process becomes resource-extensive and also unsafe for line staff since it requires a live wire operation.

Proposed Solution

To solve this operational challenge of utility companies, Senstra has created VoltOff. VoltOff is an IoT-enabled remote energy reconnection and disconnection solution. The solution enables utility companies to remotely and in real-time reconnect or disconnect any electricity subscription using our dashboard or mobile app. This is empowering utility companies across the spectrum to smartly and cost-effectively manage their metered connections.


CBRDU Dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard for remote management of connections


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