Tough IP68 rated design

Product Overview


A Data and Analytics Powered Energy Auditing and Asset Health Monitoring Solution.

The Challenge

The power industry is currently facing challenges in safely running equipment that have reached the end of their operational lifespan. Along with this, they are also burdened with managing the impact of overload situations and reducing the ever-increasing number of network faults.

What We Offer

To address these challenges, Senstra has developed VoltStation – An IoT-enabled, one-stop platform for real-time online measurement of transmitters. The solution helps in real-time energy auditing at multiple checkpoints and monitors the health of all assets in the energy distribution landscape. This enables Utility Companies to mitigate risks and safeguard their critical assets from breakdown.


Substation Solution


Our Substation Solution is an Integrated Remote Terminal Unit capacitated with DI/DO signals, analog input signals, and an input module for real-time monitoring of PTR Temperature.

  • Enables instant monitoring using local on-device display console
  • Quick installation with the capability to store 1500 Sequence of Events (SOE)
  • On-cloud data compilation providing up to 60 Days of all MFM data in case of communication failure
  • RTU Retrofitted with RTC & GPS
  • Enables wireless reading of PTR Data

Senstra’s Energy
Management Software

An intuitive platform for Predictive Estimation enabling
effective Load Management & Forecasting.

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